About Us

Linda K. Riddell, M.S.
Population Health Scientist
Principal, Health Economy, LLC


Ms. Riddell is a master’s level population health scientist, with training in epidemiology, biostatics, quality measures, and risk finance.  She has 20 years of experience in the private sector where she worked with large employer groups and self-insurance groups as an administrator.  She consults with employers to target their wellness efforts to their cost-driving illnesses.

Her bachelors degree is in English from the University of Cincinnati; she graduated summa cum laude. She earned her masters degree in health policy and management at the University of Southern Maine, Muskie School for Public Service.

She has 8 years of experience with public payers, including a 300,000-life Medicaid plan.  She helped the plan’s medical director develop and launch pilot projects, answer inquiries from providers and legislators, and create a clinical management dashboard.

In addition to the Sickonomics blog, Ms. Riddell also writes Health Unsurance for the Bangor Daily News– a “Dear Abby” for consumer health insurance questions.

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