Know. Act. Win.

Our philosophy: Know. Act. Win.

Know your population and your sources.

Knowing your population is much more than knowing its basic demographics.  We take into account factors that are proven to shape health status and influence medical choices: social-economic status, education level, benefit design, and other unique factors to the group.  For example, an employed person with a college education is much less likely to have undiagnosed diabetes than an employed person who is a high-school dropout or a low-income person covered by Medicaid.

Knowing your data sources is the next step.  Your data sources may be medical claims, absenteeism records, surveys, or wellness program records.  Each source has its strengths and flaws.  Maximizing the sources is important, so that your action steps are closely connected to the data.

Act upon what you know and what science tells us.

You need practical, real-world strategies that have the best chance of succeeding.  By putting the science to work for you, you maximize your impact.  And science doesn’t always agree with “common sense”.  For example, the latest research shows that many cancer screening programs cause more harm than good.  They do not save money or lives.

We stay up to date on the latest findings and base action suggestions on strong studies.  Your action plans will be based upon science, not conventional wisdom.  With the science on your side, your prospects for succeeding are much brighter.

Win measurable results.

By starting with knowing your data, you can end with clear metrics to gauge your success.  There is a way to monitor progress and measure results.

Measuring process, outcomes, and quality is an evolving science.  New thinking and tactics are coming out all the time.  Recently, a major foundation recommended changing performance measures to focus on the physician practice as a whole, rather than on single doctors.

Our clients have the benefit of the latest thinking, and of our skill in developing valid, data-driven measures.

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